Deezer Core concepts

Deezer is a music streaming service with more than 18 millions of tracks available in multiple regions.You can have access to these tracks using search engine or directly using Deezer team highlighted content.

On Deezer, you have access to 3 main categories :
  • What's Hot
  • My Music
  • Radio Channels

What's Hot

"What's Hot" song category is ordered by genre and each genre contains :
  • Selection list of albums highlighted weekly by Deezer.
  • Charts : top weekly listened content ordered by :
    • tracks ( TOP Tracks )
    • albums ( TOP Albums )
    • artist ( TOP Artist )
  • Lastest releases : lastest albums releases.

  • Note
    • The list of genre depends of the genre available in the current region.
    • The genre is a traduced content for each language.
    • The selection is made by local redactors.

My Music

This category is composed of :
  • My MP3s : The list of mp3 uploaded on
  • My Purchases : The list of the MP3 bought on
  • My Playlists :
    • Playlists created by the user.
      • Public : All Deezer users can see this playlist.
      • Private : Nobody except me and the persons with whom i've shared the "shared playlist link" can see and contribute this playlist.
      • Collaborative : All the users who knows the shared this playlist.
  • My Albums :
    • Albums bookmarked as favourite by the user.

Radio Channels

Radio channels are available on and on our SDKs for everyone without a end user log in.
Because of this, radio channels management rules are strict :
  • No more than 5 skip to the next track by hour.
  • Not the same artist in the radio program too often.

Radio channels are songs list categorize by radio genre (e.g. Pop, Rock....) or by artist's genre.(e.g. Shakira, Mickael Jackson....). An artist genre radio's is then also called a smartradio.
The radio channels category is composed by :
  • My favourite radio channels : List of the radio or smartradio bookmarked as favourite.When i set an artist as a favourite on the artist page, if this artist have a associated smartradio, i will automatically add his own smartradio on my favourite radio channels.

  • Themed radio channels : List of the radio or smartradio ordered by genre. Each genre have one or more themed radio or smartradio channels associated.

Deezer user interaction

A Deezer user should have :
  • 0 to many playlist(s)
  • 0 to many favourite album(s)
  • 0 to many favourite artist(s)
  • 0 to many favourite channel(s) (radio or smartradio)
  • 0 to many friend(s)
  • 0 to many personal uploaded MP3(s)
  • 0 to many purchased mp3(s)
  • 0 to 500 tracks by playlist

A Deezer user can :
  • Do a search
  • Track
    • Add to a playlist
    • Buy

  • Playlist
    • Create/Update/Delete
    • Set the status to public/private/collaborative
    • Comment a playlist
    • Rate a playlist (1 to 5)
    • Become Fan of a public or shared playlist (by adding the playlist in his own)
    • Buy playlist content
    • Share

  • Artist
    • Play radio channel
    • Add to my favourite artist <==> Become Fan
    • Share
    • Comment an artist

  • Radio
    • Add to my favourite Radio channels
    • Share

  • Social
    • Follow someone